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"Hold them in your hands as music plays and you'll feel the..."

"Hold them in your hands as music plays and you'll feel the difference between these wireless headphones and the Sony WH-1000XM5, for example (and, in fact, practically any of the best over-ear headphones in our buying guide) because there is a vibrational effect which you can feel, but once they're over your ears, they're not about to shimmy off to the back of your crown. And they recreate the experience of being at a live gig much better than I could've imagined."

"You can now feel the music"

"The Sonic Lamb headphones are unlike anything..."

"The Sonic Lamb headphones are unlike anything you’ve heard (or felt) before. The only comparison I can make is if you’re sitting in a room with a big speaker in the corner, and you can feel the heft of that subwoofer in your bones. That’s what you get here."

"Adding an extra dimension to sound..."

"Adding an extra dimension to sound. The Sonic Lamb headphones challenge and take on premium rivals, packing in great sound quality topped off by interesting, useful innovation. And that’s what makes them so special. Worth a listen for sure. The Feel mode moves it up a notch, with subwoofer system getting in on the action, promising balanced sound for rock and jazz genres. And this is where the music starts feeling a bit more energetic, with the bass kicking in, and good separation. Rotating the dial up to level 3, the Immerse mode is said to be the holy grail for bassheads, and those who enjoy electronic, hip-hop and rap should appreciate the bass on offer here. The mode does justice to its Immerse label, and adds another dimension to the audio."

"Sonic Lamb Unveils World’s First Headphone That Lets You Feel And Hear The Music."

"Sonic Lamb with its intimate sound experience is among the best the year has given us."

"Pathbreaking is the word to describe these headphones and it is a proud(completely) made in India product."

"Sonic Lamb headphones are quite unlike..."

"Sonic Lamb headphones are quite unlike anything else money can buy."

"Innovative Headphones That..."

"Innovative Headphones That Are Too Good To Be True The Sonic Lamb headphones are sonically exceptional, conveying a sense of luxury that their price does not reflect. They sounded unexpectedly richer, as though they were being played not through headphones but a nearby high-fidelity loudspeaker. This was thanks to a hybrid driver technology that incorporates subwoofers within the ear cups. The bass was exceptional. I’ve encountered many bass-heavy headphones, but these were a far cry from the Beats of yore, pre-Apple when it was still Monster Beats by Dr Dre. The bass here was refined, felt just as much as heard, without being oppressive, an aspect crucial for genres like deep house where the presence of sub-bass is vital."

What makes the Sonic Lamb sound different are...

What makes the Sonic Lamb sound different are the patented hybrid drivers used to deliver high fidelity and immersive sound akin to live music or on a HiFi system.

"You feel like going through your entire catalogue..."

"You feel like going through your entire catalogue of classics to hear what they sound like, all over again! Treat them as no-nonsense, audiophile-grade headphones and all is well."